Indoor Air Quality depends on various factors, such as Geography, Building Type, Building pressure etc. and we understand the solution could not be the same for all.

We provide combination of technology to improve the air quality of your premises-

Plasma Ionization

Nature has always cared for us and has always solved our problem silently. Nature also knows how to reduce the air pollution, but we had always been neglecting the simplest thing that we could have done to improve the air quality.

Remember the lightness in air you could feel when you visit mountain, forest, beach or after the rain, this happens because of the high concentration of positive and Negative ions and the balance between them, but as we come to the city and centralized air conditioned building, the concentration of ions reduces and we can feel the dense air while breathing.

With Plasma ionization technology we bring the natural environment inside the buildings with high concentration of Positive and Negative ions and purify the air replicating the nature’s model of purification. Plasma Ionization is an active air purification technology and 180 degree opposite to traditional air purifier.

Products can be integrated with all kind of HVAC system and work as a central air purifier.

Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC)

EAC consists of two electrodes i.e. ionizing and collection plate along with pre filters. When installed at return path of HVAC System these EAC system charge suspended particles negatively with the help of ionizing plate, when these negatively charged particles pass through second electrode charged with high positive voltage, negatively charged particles get attracted to collecting plate and get eliminated from the air. From time to time the collecting plate needs to be cleaned to maintain the efficiency of the system and avoid any resistivity or unwanted pressure drop.

Air Filters

Our Special Air Filter for home helps in maintaining Indoor Indoor Air Quality with Very Less Static Pressure Drop and provides high efficiency against Particulate Matter. Combination of these air filters when used with Plasma Ionization shows efficiency compatible with MERV 14 air filters.

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