Intelligent - Predictive and preventive maintenance of HVAC system using artificial intelligence and IoT

Smart filter

We upgrade the traditional filters to smart filters. This eliminates the dependency on third parties for filter maintenance and replacement. A smart filter-

  • Monitor the life of filters and update you on your smartphone.
  • Monitor the chocked status of the filter.
  • Help in regular maintenance of the filter.
  • Prevent the HVAC system from unwanted pressure drop.

Preventive Maintenance

Our In-Build Intelligence into System with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things assists clients to Experience best Self Sustained - Air Quality System in Building.

  • Our System Predicts When to Switch ON HVAC System itself to keep maintaining optimum Indoor Air Quality inside Building.
  • Our System Predicts - When to clean your Filters - We Eliminate Dependency on Human to eliminate Mistakes and Give Transparency to Clients.
  • Our System Detects Mold Growth Inside Building and hence eliminates breeding points of Microbial Growth - Inside Building.
  • A Self Sustained Intelligent IOT System is Key to maintain optimal Indoor Air Quality in Building.

Self Sustainable system

Air purification System and HVAC System complement each other, and to make a comfortable and healthy environment, it is needed that both systems remain in line.

With the help of our dedicated team we have been able to develop a communication channel between Air Purification and HVAC systems which has helped us to make these systems Self Sustainable.

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