About Us

We are a research & innovation driven organization in the field of Indoor Air Quality, committed to make clean air accessible to all.

While looking at one of the biggest problem of modern time, we started with a vision of healthy air for all. Our values driven approach towards business and our passion to contribute positively towards the healthy life of as many people as possible, forms the basis & the driving force behind all our plans, actions, executions & aspirations.

“Kaizen- Change for better” has been our motivation behind the design and development of our products, we have been able to deliver the desired level of air purification through our products which are designed and fabricated in a manner that it impact negligible to the existing system. Backed by an efficient team, a strong infrastructure we have been able to produce quality products, which conform to global standards. With complete resources of skilled personnel, vast network, good logistics, efficient marketing professionals, we have captured various industries in a very short span of time. We follow business ethics, prompt deliveries and good after sale service which is the special features that have gained us reputation in our business vertical.


We are committed to eliminate the struggle and dependency of end user on third party to maintain the health of HVAC and Air purification System. Our product development team works continuously to provide the independency and transparency to our customers through our self-sustainable air purification solution with the fusion of cutting edge technology.

Why Us

Clean Air in Breathing Zone- Instead of providing a shower of clean air, we create pool of clean air and deliver the purified air in the breathing zone.

Better Brand Value- Providing the clean air environment to the employees increases the productivity, reduces the absenteeism and displaying the air quality data on main display results in better brand value.

Be in touch with IAQ, wherever you are- Access the Air quality of your premise from anywhere with our android/IOs Application. Get notified intelligently about the AQI of your area.

Cost effective solution- Improve the Air Quality of your premises without adding any additional power to the existing HVAC system and with minimal wattage drawn by our equipment. We deliver the most cost effective solutions to our customers. Purification system has always required periodic maintenance and filter replacement, but our revolutionary technology excludes hassle of replacing filters and with no maintenance cost for almost 10 years, we aim to make it affordable for every human being who is affected by Air Pollution.

Should we worry about the Indoor Air Quality?

  • As per UNEP, in India the contribution of indoor air pollution to ambient air pollution is up to 52%.
  • As per a study published by Greenpeace in 2018, seven of the worst 10 cities and 22 of the worst 30 cities are in India.
  • A nationwide survey, published in Lancet Planetary Health, found that at least 12.5% of deaths in 2017, or one in eight, can be attributed to unusually high rates of lower respiratory infections, heart disease, strokes, lung cancer, and diabetes, which are a result of severe air pollution in a certain percentage of cases. Of the 1.2 million who died from air pollution-related causes, 51.4% were younger than 70 years old.
  • On average, people in India have their life expectancy cut short by 5.3 years due to air pollution, according to a Washington Post report.

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