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With the help of our technically advanced team and the cutting edge technology we have delivered Air Quality solution to various segments such as-


Good indoor air quality improves the cognitive skills and productivity of people and also eliminates the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) problem. Our technology actively work as an office air purifier and have been accepted widely in corporate and the case studies have shown us the improvement in the efficiency and productivity as well as the reduction in absenteeism. When integrated with HVAC system of Office these can work as central office air purifier.


Our specially designed home air purifier bring the mountain air into the house and protect you and your loved ones from the dangerous viruses, bacteria, and other Indoor Air contaminant such as PM2.5, PM10, TVOCs, and Odour as well as from the pet dander. Our home air purifier can easily integrate with Split/Window ACs.


Hospitals are one of most crowded places and patients and visitors comes here from different climate with different adaptive quality towards the environment, due to this there is always the risk of cross contamination of patients, students, visitors and other supporting staff of the institution.

We are committed to reduce the risk of cross contamination of Patients, Hospital staff and Visitors and to protect them from other hospital acquired infection with the help of our air quality solution.


Schools have gathering of children in large quantity, children have weak adaptability and requires ideal indoor environment so that they can focus on their regular activity more effectively.

Our comprehensive air quality solution can be adopted by new as well as old school building. The centralized purification systems are very effective to clean the air in breathing zone and do not produce any by-product which could be harmful for children.


We also care for the air at manufacturing and other growing industry. With the help of our experienced team and range of product we are able to provide solution for all kind of industrial facility, whether it is automobile, pharmaceutical, FMCG, Data Centre or any other. We always deliver the best.


Retail stores needs more attention in terms of improving the Air quality, the deterioration can occur due to the continuous infiltration of outdoor air, introducing new items every now and then as well as due to the mass gathering.

Our equipment has been incorporated in many retail chains in India and outside India.


Hospitality industry is known to receive the people coming from different background with different adoptability towards the environment. Providing an environment with clean air can always enhance the experience of the guest.

Our Technology has been adopted by various hotels and resorts in a manner to provide their guest a safe stay.


Due to public gatherings cross contamination has become major issue now days. Public transportation can make people susceptible to infection. Even if we travel through our own vehicle there are lot of things such as seat cover, dashboard, foot mats etc. can emit gaseous contaminants which affect adversely on our body.

We have customized our solution for the transports to safeguard your travel and make your ride safe.

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