Bi-Polar Ionization could be a Beacon of Hope in the darkness of COVID-19

Hospitals are most vulnerable to the viruses and bacteria, due to the continuous exposure of pathogens. Employees as well as patient and visitors at hospitals are very prone to catch Healthcare associated Infections (HAI).

As the Pandemic of COVID-19 entered in India, being the frontline warrior, hospitals were the one who started to tighten their air defense system. It was the initial days of Lockdown, when AIIMS, Bhopal started to explore the suitable technology which can work as a preventive mechanism to contain the spread of virus in Isolation ward. The specific requirement for AIIMS was that the solution should be fully retrofit.

It was end of the March, 2020, when AIIMS, Bhopal approached us and shared their requirement. Based on their requirement we designed a customized solution for them and the same got approval from their technical team.

Once the order was placed, the biggest challenge was to execute the project during the strictly imposed lockdown. There were no public transportation available and neither hotels nor restaurants were open. Our execution team took this challenge and with help of AIIMS, Bhopal Special emergency permission, we successfully executed the project in the rain of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Various media bodies also recognized our work. “The plasma air equipment will sterilize the air and surfaces inside the AC coach using ionized air to make the coach Covid-19 and particulate matter resistant. This provision will also improve the ion concentration from 100 ions/cm3 to more than 6000 ions/cm3” Quoted one of prestigious media body, while describing our solution.

After AIIMS, Bhopal, we provide our solution to much other hospital like PMSSY Gwalior COVID-19 Isolation Ward, ILBS Hospital, Vasant Vihar and ambulances of CIVIL Hospital, Gurgaon.

In the current panic situation, we see a great potential in this technology to containing the spread of virus and could be a great help to our healthcare system and the doctor, nurses, who are working tirelessly for us.

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