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Do you remember the famous dialogue “The Winter Is Coming” of Game of Thrones? Off course yes, everybody knows. We are facing the same, winter means pollution for us and somewhere we all are scared of winter now. It’s not possible to ignore The Haze, The Short Breathing, The Eye Etching, this all comes with winter. In North India, you can hear many people calling winter a pollution season.

One hour of exposure to the toxic outdoor air is equivalent to smoking one Cigarette.

What Should We Do Now?

While government is trying their level best to control the pollution, we will also have to understand that the responsibility does not only lie with government. We all share equal responsibility, we need to think about our next generation or next to next generation, we may not live till then but what we are living behind matters a lot.

We need to, treat waste in eco-friendly manner, stop burning crop, use public transport as much as possible are some of the steps to start with. Do you know, 44% of air pollution comes from vehicles and crop burning.

Are We Safe Inside Our House?

You may probably think that you are safe inside your house or office, but it’s not true. As per EPA indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. As we spent almost 90% of our time in indoor air and it is very essential to have a clean and purified indoor air inside the premises.

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