It’s Not Too Early To Prepare For Next Pandemic

The pandemic of COVID-19 has shown us the unpredictable, but you will be surprised to know that in past 20 years there have been no. of outbreaks globally, like SARS-CoV-1 2003-2004 , H1N1 - 2009 , MERS -2012-2020 , Ebola -2014, Zika-2015-16 and the latest which has damaged a lot SARS-CoV-2. What next we don’t know?

This is the time to accept that outbreaks are going to be there but we need to be prepared, upholding our shield, safeguarding our loved ones, employees and others. It’s high time for the ongoing pandemic and not too early to prepare for the next pandemic.

How we are helping offices to reopen and operate smoothly-
After five weeks of complete lockdown and four weeks of partial lockdown, while business entities were planning to open their offices, the safety of the employee was the biggest concern and challenge for them. During that struggling time our technical counselors were on the front line giving these entities a way out in the pandemic to resume the office.

We have incorporated our comprehensive solution based on Bi-Polar Ionization technology, at various corporate offices, as a preventive mechanism to contain the spread of virus. The Organization who were struggling once are now open and operating confidently in a clean and sterilized environment. Many of Fortune 500 companies have incorporated our solution in their office across India, before making it operational again.

The BPI technology is evaluated for its effectiveness on Human Coronavirus, Strain 229E and its surrogate MS2 Bacteriophage. It not only kills the viruses/bacteria, but also improves the Indoor Air Quality. Research and studies suggests that a good Indoor Air Quality results in decreased absenteeism and increased Productivity as it eliminates the problem of SBS (Sick Building Syndrome).

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