The Only Way To Stop The Outbreak Is To Break The Infection Loop.

The chain of transmission of bacteria and virus cell from one person to another person is termed as “Infection Loop”. Spread of Virus follows a closed chain. This chain can be formed either by direct transmission or indirect transmission of viruses. In a manner to achieve air sterilization and surface disinfection, it is important to break the infection loop.

Direct Transmission-
When a person cough or sneezes, a large number of bacteria and virus cell Comes out from his/her nose/mouth in form of droplet. If another person is present in the radius of 2-3 ft. the droplets can directly land onto their body and could affect them, when they get a chance to enter in the body cell.

Indirect Transmission-
When a person cough or sneezes, a large number of bacteria and virus cell comes out from his/her nose/mouth in form droplet and land on to the nearby surfaces such as table, furniture, paper, door etc. These surfaces when touched by other person, give a chance to virus to travel from the surface to the human body through their hand. When the person touches his mouth, nose, eyes these bacteria/virus cells get inside the body start mutating their-selves.

How we break the loop-
Infection Loop can be destroyed by breaking the chain of transmission as well as by destroying the bacteria/virus cell before it pass on to other people. Breaking the infection loop results in Air Sterilization and Surface Disinfection.

  • The bipolar ions, surround the hemagglutinin (surface proteins that form on organisms and trigger infections) and change into highly reactive hydroxyl radicals.
  • These take a hydrogen molecule from the hemagglutinin and change into water.
  • The ions destroy the virus surface structure, in the case of coronavirus the spikes, on a molecular level. As a result, the virus cannot cause infection, even if it enters the body.
  • BPI has been successfully tested on specific COVID-19 strain HCoV-229E for its effectiveness.
  • BPI has shown effectiveness in reducing SARS-CoV-2 Surrogate MS2 Bacteriophage by 99% in Air and 80% on Surfaces.

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